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FOW is a trusted provider of critical data and intelligence for the global futures and options community. We deliver curated and high-quality data sets, timely industry news and analysis, and global events where the sharpest minds discuss issues that shape the industry's future.
Leveraging our bespoke solutions, our many long-term clients confidently make trading decisions while reducing risks, ensuring compliance and staying a step ahead of today’s dynamic futures and options markets.
25 years
of providing trusted data

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Data: Curated and high-quality
FOW brings data to life — custom-configuring data sets specifically to integrate with each client’s unique needs, formats, channels, workflows and front-, middle- and back-office systems. By delivering the valuable data our clients need and how they need it, we can increase efficiency and reduce risks through the entire trading lifecycle, from executing trades to clearing, settlement and delivery.
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News & Insights

We are an essential source of news and analysis, with experienced financial writers and editors providing daily updates and insights from across the industry.

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Events: Convening the industry’s players
FOW’s global conferences and events attract key players from the derivatives trading and investment community, with sought-after awards that recognise excellence in the industry.
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Our Clients

At Derivia, our organisational strategy — and indeed, our daily activities — are guided by a set of core values to which we all commit.

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Investment Banks
  • Ensure trades align with regulations, even amidst changing rules 
  • Ensure correct identification of assets, with reliable contract specifications 
  • Improve your operational efficiency and enhance your client experience 
  • Provide a robust audit trail to ensure data integrity
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Asset management
  • Simplify the management of complex trading records 
  • Establish more profitable client relationships 
  • Adhere and respond efficiently to regulations
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Hedge funds
  • Grow revenue and improve client satisfaction 
  • Provide detailed data for order executions 
  • Execute block trades efficiently  
  • Ensure accurate reporting even amidst regulatory changes
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Regulators and industry bodies
  • Enhance your compliance process 
  • Ensure data integrity 
  • Increase to scale 
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Fintech companies
  • Enhance your data portfolio with industry-leading reference data 
  • Develop new solutions for your customers’ data challenges  
  • Maximise the potential of your software by syncing data seamlessly
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Trading firms and brokers
  • Enable algorithms to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiency 
  • Avoid legal penalties and reputational damage 
  • Prevent inconsistencies, allowing arbitrageurs to make timely trades
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