Our Commitment
It’s about doing the right thing by our people, stakeholders and the wider world.
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Transparency, ethics, governance, and risk management
We firmly believe that trust is the foundation of strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that our market intelligence is delivered with openness and accuracy. Our view is that adopting ethical practices, strong governance frameworks and meticulous risk management strategies exemplify our dedication to providing premier market intelligence services to the financial industry and creating value for investors.
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Data and information security and privacy

Proprietary data, analysis, news and insights are the foundation of our customer offer. For this information to be valuable, it must be accurate, useful, and legal. We therefore need to deliver the highest standards of information security. Also, since we possess confidential customer information, we need to be trusted to safeguard this data securely and use it responsibly.
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Encouraging strong ESG practices in the markets we serve
We are well positioned to shape good ESG practices — both internally and in the markets we serve — by raising the profile of ESG matters such as inclusion and diversity and climate change, and by expanding our footprint in ESG-related areas. We encourage good practices through our events, in the stories and reports we write, and in the awards and benchmarks we coordinate.
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Reducing our climate impact

While we are not a high-carbon emitting organisation, we do recognise the need to play our part in reducing climate and other environmental impacts. We aim to be leaders in running environmentally sustainable events by appropriate sourcing, reducing waste, and lowering carbon footprint per attendee. We continue to look for ways to reduce energy use in our offices and equipment.
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Workforce inclusion, diversity and well-being
Derivia Intelligence is a people business. Our success, and the value we create for our customers, comes from the work our people do every day. As such, we need to employ the best talent, which resides in all demographics and abilities. However, it is not enough just to have the right people; we want them to reach their full potential and thrive, to feel they belong, to be motivated and engaged, empowered and nurtured, and have their needs supported.
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